Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For all other questions, please call 1-844-KEEP-CON

What other services can you provide?

Keeping Connected is run by a healthcare company called Closing the Gap Healthcare.

Closing the Gap Healthcare provides a wide range of services such as personal care, nursing and rehabilitation services.

For more information about other services that are available to you, please visit

Will someone come to see us?

Typically the Keeping Connected service provides telephone support.  However, if there is a need for a visit, we can work with you to arrange for someone to come visit you at your home. Please call 1-877-560-0202 for more information.

Can someone help us get to and from appointments?

Yes, it is possible for someone to come and help you to and from appointments. This would be an additional service we could help arrange for you. Please call Closing the Gap Healthcare at 1-877-560-0202 to inquire further.

Can I talk to my call companion if I haven’t scheduled a call?

Yes, you can speak to your call companion if you haven’t scheduled a call as long as your call companion is available to take your call. As you can imagine, our call companions are very busy supporting their clients. If you cannot reach your companion and need to talk to someone, one of our other call companions would be more than happy to take your call.

Are my calls confidential?

Yes, all calls are confidential and are not recorded. We follow strict privacy and confidentiality rules and treat all information that you share as part of your patient health record. Only those who you have consented to share information with are allowed to be provided access to the information that you share with your companion.

How long are my calls?

There is no limit to how long a call will last. We are available for as long as you want to talk! But most of our clients typically like to talk between 20-30 minutes per call. This ensures that there is always something to talk about the next time you speak with your companion.

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