Seven Benefits of Seniors Being Socially Connected to Multiple Generations

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benefits of multigenerational connections

People thrive on social interaction. The more we engage with others, the more positive benefits we experience, especially as we get older. Staying socially connected has been proven to improve seniors’ overall health and happiness. The opposite can also be said – social isolation and loneliness are linked to health risks and can negatively impact… Read more »

Feast on the Benefits of Healthy Eating

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Adopting a lifestyle that emphasizes the importance of healthy eating is one that has numerous benefits. It can help you feel energized, maintain a healthy weight and control disease. It’s part of the Active Living lifestyle, which means it’s accessible to everyone. You’ll be happy to know that nutritious food is easily attainable and there… Read more »

The Active Living Benefits

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The Active Living Benefits

“Just achieving the recommended levels of physical activity (equivalent to 30 minutes daily of moderate intensity activity on 5 days a week) reduces the risk of death by 19% … while 7 hours per week of moderate activity (compared with no activity) reduces the risk of death by 24%”. Study findings from the International Journal… Read more »